for mission

The LIFTED for Mission Program aims to provide interested and goal orientated young people with a structured framework of formation, training and experiences that build their capacity for effective ministry to young people and their peers.

This isn’t something extra, it’s about linking all of the formative experiences that you might already be undertaking with Catholic Youth Parramatta. However, in addition you’ll be provided with a mentor to unpack the learning and help you identify your ministry strengths. Those wanting to undertake the program should initially make contact with Catholic Youth Parramatta. Anyone can join at any time. It all starts with a coffee or a milkshake and being allocated a mentor who will be your companion for the journey.

To be recognized with this achievement you would set out to attend and be involved in the following:

At least SIX sessions of Parra-Matters!
At least THREE session of the Home from the Front series
Volunteer and attend THREE LIFTED events
Attend an RU New 2 Youth Ministry Program
Attend a Keeping our Young People Safe Program
Be able to demonstrate to your mentor a commitment to a local parish youth ministry program

Upon completion of these elements of formation, training and event skills we wish to recognise you formally for your commitment to deepening your capacity for ministry with young people.