Media Release – 02 August 2016

Responses provided to The Western Weekender

Tuesday 02 August 2016


Padre Pio Parish submitted a development application (DA16/0660) to Penrith City Council relating to a small parcel of land we own. Part of the proposed development is to subdivide and sell that small plot of land into 13 residential lots.

Why has the diocese decided to subdivide this land? There are suggestions it’s to pay off the debts of the Padre Pio Parish Church, is this true?

The proposed development is needed as it will help contribute to debt repayments related to the initial construction costs of our church.

As can be appreciated, we are a not-for-profit and the cost of building a church is quite significant and these costs need to be met.

Further, by selling this land we are attempting to meet the needs of our community not only now but also well into the future, so the local church – Padre Pio Parish – can remain a vital part of Glenmore Park and the surrounding suburbs.

Are there no other options for the diocese to make money other than to subdivide and sell this land?

This is not a “make money” venture, rather the debts and costs associated with building the church need to be met.

Where is the priest’s residence being moved to?

It will remain on the same parcel of land and is being shifted to make more efficient use of the area.

There is no doubt residents, some who have lived in the quiet street for almost 20 years, will be directly affected by this subdivision in terms of loss of amenity, loss of privacy etc. Is the diocese sympathetic to their concerns?

We are absolutely sympathetic to their concerns and will work with residents on any reasonable points of view they might have.

The DA states there are almost 450 trees in the block. How many of these will be lost for subdivision?

As stated in the DA, the proposal aims to preserve and retain trees where possible and the potential removal of any trees, if needed, will comply with Council’s controls.

The important thing is, we are currently going through this application with Penrith City Council, and we will abide by their directions.


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