Media Release – 10 August 2016

Media Statement – Kenthurst Parish

Wednesday 10 August 2016


Kenthurst Parish has recently submitted a development application (59/2017/HA) to The Hills Shire Council relating to a parcel of land owned by the parish.

The proposed development is for the construction of the Parish Church (which has been the passion of the community for the past 30 years) and for a lawn cemetery.

The proposed lawn cemetery development is needed as it will help contribute to the construction costs and debt repayments related to the building of the new church.

As can be appreciated, we are a not-for-profit entity and the cost of building a church is quite significant and these costs need to be met.

Consultants have been hired to ensure the proposed lawn cemetery is appropriately enclosed from public view with external and boundary landscaping which totally encloses the site.

Kenthurst Parish is also currently going through this application with The Hills Shire Council and we will abide by their directions. At present, this has meant ensuring the site i) is landscaped specifically to totally enclose the area from public view ii) ensuring there is no direct view into the site iii) appropriate fencing is in place around the site.

The parish is absolutely sympathetic to the concerns of local residents and will work with them on any reasonable points of view they might have. Adjoining and close neighbours have been written to inviting them to meet with the members of the parish committee regarding their concerns.

The parish maintains its willingness to continue working with Council, residents and parents to address their concerns.


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