Plenary Council 2020 – The Way Forward


With the release of the Plenary Council 2020’s National Themes for Discernmentsnapshots over the past six weeks, and the release of the National Centre for Pastoral Research’s Final Reportfor the Plenary Council 2020’s Phase 1: Listening and Dialogue, people from around the Diocese of Parramatta were asked what questions and thoughts they had around the next phase of the Plenary Council.

What questions/thoughts do you have around the Plenary Council at this point?

“I am hopeful that we who are involved in this plenary process will co-operate with the Holy Spirit and each other efficiently to work out wise workable real strategies for change, and that the whole Church in Australia will co-operate with love and enthusiasm in their implementation.”  – Teresa.

“Six large and very broad themes are presented. How do we break this down into bite size chunks and make it meaningful at all levels across our Diocese? How do we get individuals, Parishes, schools etc to take ownership of issues but at the same time work with others across the Diocese to drive change?” – Michael.

“I still have high hopes that we will fully adopt the ideals of Pope Francis and bring not only the Holy Spirit physically back into our Church but also release the Mercy of God in its fullness.”  – John.

“My main question is how is this process going to bring forward the key underlying sentiment of the community?  AND whether the church will accept the need for change.

“It is clear Catholics, and all Christians around the world are looking for guidance from the church around some of these key issues. It is clear that for some of these issues of importance within the community, a new perspective or a re-defining of the teachings of Christ needs to be undertaken. In a modern world where social media and the acceptance of previously marginalised groups has gained a forum for inclusion, we need to understand that just as God loves everyone, there is a need to show that we too love everyone, and that those who believe should not be turned away from their faith because of who they are.” – Ryan.

What questions/thoughts do you have around the Plenary Council at this point? Please share your comments.