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Behold, I will do a new thing,.... A wonderful and unheard of thing, and therefore introduced with a "behold", as a note of admiration;
the same with the new thing created in the earth, Jeremiah 31:22, the incarnation of the Son of God.

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Membership Applications closed on 31 July. For any enquiries, email


Bishop Vincent Long OFM Conv warmly invites applications for membership to the Diocesan Synod, which will be held on 13 to 15 October, 2023.

Below you will find the criteria for your application as well as the requirements of each Synod member.

Please note that numbers to attend the Synod are limited. Your application will be reviewed and assessed, and you will be advised on the outcome.

Applications must be returned by 31 July 2023.


As the Synod is a gathering of the Church, Synod Members are to be baptised Catholics and must be at least 18 years of age. The Synod has an agenda and process that makes it different from these broad consultation processes.

Synod Members are required to make the Profession of Faith. Each Synod Member is able to speak from the floor and has consultative voting rights. Each Synod Member must be available to attend the whole Synod from Friday afternoon 13 October – Sunday 15 October 2023.

All Synod Members must see themselves, and be recognised by others, as having:

  • active involvement in a parish, agency or ministry group within the diocese
  • a commitment to contributing to the diocese becoming more Christ-like
  • a commitment to discern prayerfully with others what God wants for the whole diocese
  • a striving to live the Gospel in their family, work, and community activities, i.e. being loving, forgiving, hospitable, compassionate, supportive of the poor, inclusive of all
  • a desire and ability to listen with an open mind and heart to, and weigh up, all that they hear especially within the parish or community they represent
  • participated in a listening session or have made a submission to the Synod
  • an ability to fulfill the requirements of Synod Membership.

It is recognised that no one is perfect. Each one of us is on a life-long journey to be fully who God calls us to be. There are parts of our lives that, at times, are in need of conversion, just as there are parts of our Church that are in need of conversion and renewal.

While not wishing to over-exaggerate the commitment, it is necessary to point out that those who become members of Synod will be expected to engage actively in processes leading up to, and during the Synod.

Applications must be returned by 31 July 2023.


  • The Bishop will formally write to all those discerned to participate in the Synod by 27 August 2023. In that letter of appointment, he will inform them of the basis for their invitation.
  • All must respond in writing to inform the Bishop of their acceptance or rejection of this invitation by 4 September 2023.
  • Members are required to attend a day retreat and Commissioning on 16 September 2023.
  • Members are required to attend a Reflection and Formation Evening on 22 September 2023 (amended from above date).
  • The Synod Agenda and Working Document will be released on 23 September 2023.
  • The commissioning of members of the Synod will take place at the Opening Mass on the first day of the Synod, 13 October 2023. Synod Members will be asked to make a Profession of Faith.
  • All members are required to attend the Synod, in person, from 13 to 15 October, 2023
  • Members may also be required to attend the final gathering in 2024 at a date and venue to be confirmed.

The Role of the Members

A diverse range of programs bring young people together for training and formation in specific skills required for ministry with students,
youth and young adults in schools, parishes and movements.

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The Plenary Council is the first time in 80 years that the entire Australian Catholic Church will come together to pray, discuss and listen to the Holy Spirit about our future. You may or may not have already participated in contributing direct feedback to the process in 2019. It’s time to become involved again. In October 2021 nine Members of the Diocese of Parramatta will join nearly 280 other Catholics from around Australia. They will discuss the items on the Plenary Council Agenda.

The Plenary Council is about our Church. Each of us can ask the Holy Spirit to guide the process. We can each reflect on how we would answer the questions on the Agenda, and provide our feedback to the Members of the Plenary Council from our Diocese. You can email them at

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