Think Tank Sessions

The people of God in the Diocese of Parramatta have been invited to contribute to the development of our ‘Diocesan Plan for a Synodal Church’.

Local faith communities were encouraged to engage in dialogue, offer valuable insights to the Plan’s development, and to continue nurturing leaders through synodal practices through a series of Think Tank Sessions, from May 1 to June 12.

Over 45 Think Tank sessions were held over the 6-week period, including six Diocesan Think Tank sessions, each focusing on one theme of the Synod resolutions. The Writing Group are reviewing and considering each submission, and integrating valuable feedback and insights to ensure that the final Diocesan Plan is responsive to the diverse needs within the diocese.

Read the Catholic Outlook article: ‘Together in Faith: Developing Our Diocesan Plan’

What is a Think Tank session?

Targeting local leaders, the sessions gathered feedback for implementing the Diocesan Plan and Synod resolutions locally.

Every local faith community (parishes, chaplaincies, schools, agencies, councils, etc.) was encouraged to coordinate their own local Think Tank session, guided by the draft of the Diocesan Plan.

The Mission Enhancement Team provided training, resources, and support.

Who was invited to attend?

Pastoral Council members, Sacramental Coordinators, Youth Leaders, Ministry Teams, Prayer Group Leaders, clergy, and educational leaders.

However, sessions were open to anyone interested in contributing.

Each session attracted between 15 to 30 participants.

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