Holy Spirit Seminary

Holy Spirit Seminary has a mission to prepare future priests who will work in complete collaboration with the Bishop and provide excellent leadership in the communities of the Faithful. The seminary provides the support necessary to achieve this aim so that Christ’s message of love and reconciliation with God and with one another will be the hallmark of priestly ministry throughout the Diocese of Parramatta.

The seminary incorporates a vision whereby the priests it prepares are faithful to the presence and example of Christ, are loyal to the Catholic tradition, are mature in their human and spiritual lives, and are flexible in meeting the challenges of an ever-changing diocese in an evolving world.

The seminary takes seriously its mandate of training men to be true shepherds of Christ’s flock for whom he laid down his life and rose victoriously. The preparation programme is saturated with the following principles:

  • The seminarian prepares for Priesthood by acknowledging the primacy of Jesus Christ in his life and future ministry.
  • The seminarian acquires the spiritual and human maturity to be emptied of self so that he can be filled with Christ.
  • The seminarian learns that the people of God are his chief concern and that their welfare is always to come before his own needs
  • The seminarian learns that there is always something new to learn and humbly accepts that anyone can be an instrument of his own improvement.

In this way, the Holy Spirit Seminary can prepare men for Catholic Priesthood who will be outstanding examples of Christian living and of self-emptying service to the world.

33 Allen Street
Harris Park 2150
02 9296 6300
Postal Address
PO Box 9438
Harris Park 2150
Contact Name
Rev Fr Paul Marshall (Rector) Rev Fr John Frauenfelder (Vice-Rector) Very Rev Wim Hoekstra EV PP (Dean of Studies) Very Rev Luis Fernando Montano Rodriguez EV PP (Director of Pastoral Formation) Rev Pawel Barszczewski OP (Spiritual Director)

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