Celebrate World Youth Day

World Youth Day is a global gathering of young Catholics for prayer, celebration, and community, held in a different location every few years. It is a festival of music, inspiring talks, and faith-filled experiences, where Catholics connect with and journey alongside thousands of young people from around the world, share faith, and deepen our relationship with God.

What to expect during World Youth Day

WYD was initiated by St Pope John Paul II in 1985. offers a vibrant festival atmosphere, with opportunities for cultural exchange, music, dance, and shared experiences of faith and friendship. In the months leading up to the event, dioceses and parishes organise activities to prepare their youth for WYD, including spiritual reflections, workshops, and community service projects.

Pilgrimage to the host city

Participants often journey to the host city as part of a physical and spiritual pilgrimage, where they visit sacred sites and encounter the rich history of the church in different parts of the world.

Opening Ceremonies and Papal Welcome

The event begins with opening ceremonies, followed by a papal welcome, setting the tone for the week-long celebration of faith and unity.

Image: Sebastiao Roxo/JMJ Lisboa 2023

Catechetical Sessions and Workshops

Young people participate in catechetical sessions and workshops led by bishops, priests, and other experts, deepening their understanding of the Catholic faith and its relevance to their lives.

Prayer Vigil and Papal Mass

A solemn prayer vigil culminates in a closing Mass presided over by the Pope, a powerful moment of shared prayer, unity, and celebration.

He knows you, He knows the heart of each one of you, He knows the life of each one of you. He knows your joys, He knows your sorrows, your successes, and your failures. He knows your hearts, and He says to you today, here, ‘Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. Take heart, do not be afraid.”.


See you at WYD Seoul 2027

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