Liturgical Ministry Course

During liturgical celebrations in our parishes, there are opportunities for lay men and women to live out their baptismal call to service and active participation in the Church.  

Twice a year, the Diocese’s Office for Worship offers Liturgical Ministry Formation Courses that provides opportunities for people who wish to deepen their faith through the understanding of the liturgy and ministry. 

Volunteers have the opportunity to receive comprehensive training in key areas of the Mass, including: 

Minister of the Word: Participants learn about the importance of proclaiming the Word of God at Mass, When reading during Mass, the reader should have an awareness that Word of God is living and active. Participants acquire knowledge of the origins of the ministry, its liturgical principles and how to properly prepare a scripture passage for reading in public.

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion: Participants wishing to become Ministers of the Eucharist learn about the meaning of ministry in general, the Liturgy and Eucharistic Tradition. Serving in the ministry is given context within the structure and purpose of the Mass, especially the Communion Rite.

Minister of Communion to the Sick and Dying: Participants are given practical and pastoral skills in the different rites used for bringing Communion to the Sick and Dying. An overview of sickness, suffering and death within the context of the Paschal Mystery is discussed.

Minister of the Altar: Also known as Senior Servers and formally known as Acolytes, they assist the priest in the celebration of the Mass. Topics covered include the requirements of the role, qualities of a server and what is involved in the role. Also covered is what the servers need to be familiar with including the times of the liturgical year, the parts of the Mass and items used for liturgical rites.

Volunteers learn about the theological and pastoral aspects of the ministries as well as practical skills and duties involved. 

The next series of formation courses will be held between September and November 2024.  


Dates for Second Round of Liturgical Ministry Course – September 2024

PLEASE NOTE: Courses will be held on Mondays only at Blacktown

Compulsory Introductory Session (one session) 

  • Monday 9 September at 7pm

Ministers of the Word (two sessions) 

  • Monday 16 and 23 September at 7pm 

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion (two sessions) 

  • Monday 14 and 21 October at 7pm

Communion to the Sick and Dying (one session) 

  • Monday 28 October at 7pm 

Ministers at the Altar (one session) 

  • Monday 4 and 11 November at 7pm 

If you wish to become a Minister to the Sick and Dying, it is required that you complete the sessions on Extraordinary Ministers of Communion. 

If you would like to become a Minister of the Altar, you must attend all eight sessions. 

All applications need to be endorsed by your Parish Priest prior to attending the first introductory session. All applications must be completed and returned by Monday 2 September 2024.

If you have any questions regarding participation in the Liturgical Ministry Course, please contact the team at the Office for Worship:

2. Contribute – Volunteer – Liturgical Ministry Course – General Enquiry

For anyone who has questions about offerings of the Diocese’s Office for Worship


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