Parents and Families

The Diocese of Parramatta is rich with families of all shapes and sizes, representing diverse cultures, languages and generations. The church considers families to be the foundation of society and is central to all social life. Our homes are often places where different generations live together and are the first places we experience affection, solidarity, learning, appreciation, commitment, help and justice.

For this reason, the the Church’s ministry is to bring the Gospel to every family – our Church isn’t just about our buildings or structures, it’s about our people!

If you are a new or growing family, you are welcome to connect with any of the parishes and ministries across our Diocese. Please contact your local church to find parent groups and networks that hold regular playgroups, social gatherings, family holidays or camps, and opportunities for faith formation. 

If your family needs support, we also have a number of organisations and agencies dedicated to helping you find financial assistance, relationship counselling and access to government or charitable services to help you get through a challenging time. 

We also have a Resource Library filled with a treasure trove of inspiring prayer materials, videos and articles for you and your loved ones. 

If you would like help connecting with parents and families within your local community, or you have your own heartwarming stories and ideas for family resources, please contact us. We want to journey together in faith and unity!

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