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Special Religious Education (SRE) Catechists play a pivotal role in fostering Catholic faith and understanding among children. As dedicated volunteers who represent 47 parishes from across the Diocese, SRE Catechists run regular classes that allow Catholic students to receive religious education, explore their faith, ask questions, and develop a deeper understanding of Catholic beliefs and practices.

The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine

SRE Catechists are volunteers who are approved, authorised, and trained by their local parish and Diocese to teach Special Religious Education in public schools. 

The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) Parramatta supports 550+ SRE Catechists and 230+ student SRE Assistants who volunteer in 195 public schools across the Diocese. These volunteers impact the 15,000 students who attend state schools by planting the seeds of faith that are nourished by parents, parish life and future SRE Teachers.

Make a Difference in the Lives of Young Catholics

Are you seeking a meaningful way to contribute to your faith community? The CCD welcomes individuals from all walks of life to join its vibrant community of SRE Catechists and begin the rewarding journey of sharing your faith with the next generation of Catholics in a nurturing and engaging way.

As an SRE Catechist, you will have the privilege of:

  • Sharing the richness of the Catholic faith: Guide children and young people in their understanding of Catholic beliefs, practices, and values.
  • Nurturing spiritual growth: Foster a deeper connection between students and their faith, encouraging personal reflection and spiritual development.
  • Making a lasting impact: Shape the lives of young Catholics, instilling in them a strong moral compass and a lifelong appreciation for their faith.

Whether you possess extensive knowledge of Catholic teachings or are eager to learn, the CCD provides comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure you are well-equipped for this fulfilling role.

What is Special Religious Education?

Special Religious Education (SRE) is the time set aside in public schools for SRE Catechists (sometimes also called SRE Teachers) from the local Catholic Church to teach Catholic children about Jesus and his message of salvation.

The Catholic Church sees the education of Catholic children in the Faith as integral and key to its mission. The NSW Department of Education describes SRE as an integral part of school activities. SRE is mandated by the Education Act (1990) and gives parents the choice to have children formed in the faith of their family and can be seen as part of a well-rounded education that values and supports the intellectual, creative, physical, social, spiritual and emotional development of each child.

A Calling to Serve and Inspire

In a culture that often focuses on the negative aspects of life, Catholic SRE is a breath of fresh air, where students are encouraged to see themselves as God sees them – inherently good, full of potential and capable of being a force for good in our world.

Encouraging children and young people to develop a relationship with Jesus is a key part of SRE. By exploring the teachings of Jesus and the stories in the Christian Scriptures and by encouraging students to pray, SRE Catechists provide children and young people with a framework to help them make choices that recognise the value and importance of our relationship with God, others and our world.

A Bridge between Faith and Education

Beyond imparting knowledge, SRE Catechists nurture the spiritual growth and moral development of their students. They instill in them a sense of wonder, compassion, and respect for others, fostering a life guided by Christian values. Through their guidance, students learn to appreciate the richness of the Catholic tradition and its relevance to their lives.

Children who attend SRE classes also receive lessons that help them prepare for the Sacraments that may be available to their age group. SRE Catechists liaise with their local parishes to ensure that students and their families are aware of the Sacramental programs being offered locally.

Who attends SRE Classes?

Catholic children are always welcome to attend Catholic SRE classes at their school. The classes are optional and are not part of the regular school curriculum. They are offered during school hours, but students are not obliged to attend.

Parents nominate what religious denomination they wish their child to attend when completing the school enrolment form or by completing a separate SRE participation letter. Parents also have the right to change the SRE class their child attends at any time or even withdraw them from SRE. This can be done by notifying the principal of their child’s school in writing.

Resources for SRE Catechists

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