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The Ephpheta Centre is an organisation dedicated to serving the needs of the deaf and heard of hearing community in Western Sydney. By providing pastoral care, sacramental services, social services support, advocacy and visitation, they ensure that the signing-deaf, oral-deaf, and hard of hearing, as well as those who have lost hearing through age and industrial deafness are connected, included, and spiritually nurtured.

Your tax-deductible donation can help this organisation we can continue to empower and uplift this vibrant community.

Bridge the gap

The Ephpheta Centre is a Catholic organisation dedicated to supporting the deaf and hard of hearing community in Western Sydney. We believe everyone deserves to feel connected, valued, and included, regardless of their hearing ability.

Through a range of services, the Ephpheta Centre strives to empower and enrich the lives of deaf and hard of hearing individuals:

  • Pastoral Care: Our dedicated chaplains offer spiritual guidance, support, and celebrate sacraments like Mass in sign language, fostering a strong connection to faith.
  • Sacramental Services: We ensure deaf individuals have access to important sacraments like confession and baptism, removing communication barriers and ensuring everyone feels included in their spiritual journey.
  • Support and Advocacy: The Ephpheta Centre provides support services and advocates for the rights of the deaf community, promoting inclusivity and accessibility in everyday life.
  • Visitation: We reach out to isolated members of the deaf community, offering companionship and a sense of belonging.

Every contribution, big or small, makes a real difference for the deaf and hard of hearing community. Here’s how your tax-deductible donation can help:

  • Fund sign language interpreters: Your gift allows us to offer Mass and other services in sign language, ensuring everyone can fully participate in their faith journey.
  • Provide resources: Your support helps us provide resources and materials accessible to the deaf community, promoting understanding and communication.
  • Support outreach programs: Your contribution helps us reach out to isolated members of the deaf community, offering them comfort and connection.

Together we can bridge the communication gap and empower individuals to live fulfilling and connected lives.

If you are seeking a refund for your donation, please contact the Parramatta Catholic Foundation office via phone or email. Please note any approved refunds will be credited to the credit card used for the original transaction.

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