Petition to the Premier of NSW


Petition to the Premier of NSW

28 May 2020


Dear friends,

As citizens and people of faith, we are grateful for the leadership of both the state and federal government, during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are also grateful for the dedication and commitment of our health workers who have worked hard to treat those infected by the coronavirus and to keep our community safe.

Faith organisations, including the Catholic Church, have conformed to the directives of the government. But as restrictions are gradually lifted across many industries, we are concerned that the same treatment does not appear to have extended to those who wish to gather in churches.

We understand that the reopening of businesses such as pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants is critical to the economic recovery.

However, churches and faith-based organisations also play an essential part in the functioning of a good and stable society.

The resumption of religious services, albeit in a gradual manner, is important to the people of faith. It is indeed necessary for human flourishing and a great contributor to the common good.

Therefore, while grateful for her leadership during the pandemic, we call on the Premier to give churches, mosques and other places of worship “a fair go” when considering the staged reopening of public venues.

As Pentecost approaches, let us pray that the Holy Spirit may guide our civic leaders in all their deliberations.

Yours truly,

Bishop Vincent Long OFM Conv
Bishop of Parramatta


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