Listening and Discernment Sessions

You are invited to attend any or all of the six sessions to gather and discern the Plenary 2020 National Themes for Discernment. Each session held will be focusing on one of the six themes. These sessions are being held at the Institute for Mission at 1-5 Marion Street, Blacktown.



Speak Boldly and With Passion

Between now and 6 March 2019, the Catholic Bishops of Australia are asking everyone to share their voices. Something like this hasn’t happened for over eighty years. In fact, it is the highest form of official gathering that a church in a particular country can have. It is called a Plenary, and as this meeting will take place in 2020, the process is being called Plenary 2020. Bishop Vincent Long, the Bishop of Parramatta, particularly wants to hear from us. He is asking us to forward submissions to the national church, but he is also asking us to let him know what we think. He doesn’t want to wait till 2021 for the Plenary Council to conclude. We, as a diocese will start acting in 2019 based on what is shared. So… speak boldly and with passion!


Our Diocesan Involvement in Plenary 2020

The following table offers a brief overview of how our Diocese is supporting the Plenary Process:

  • Local representatives identified (July)
  • Plenary Support Kit & Small Group Booklet made available (July)
  • Promotional Resources circulated e.g. brochures, cards, posters, banners, etc. (July)

Find out more!

The plenary site has a range of videos and other resources, including news and events. You can also subscribe to the plenary site for monthly updates. There is a pop up screen on the plenary website, or you can subscribe by scrolling to the bottom of the plenary home page.



To find out more please contact Richard or Tanya
P: 02 8838 3460