A positive outcome for Special Religious Education (SRE) ‘Scripture in Schools’ has been received from the NSW Department of Education.

The recommendations of the 2014-2015 NSW Independent Review of SRE-SEE (Ethics) were released by the Department of Education on Tuesday 11 April.

The Catholic Church, together with other providers of SRE, has welcomed the findings of this NSW Government review of religious education and ethics in public schools Education Minister Rob Stokes said the review found there was “no widespread or systemic evidence of problems in the present system” of SRE and SEE. “The Department of Education has accepted a number of recommendations to improve transparency and accountability,” Mr Stokes said. “The changes include ensuring information about providers and their curriculums are available to inspect online, improving complaint handling procedures and ensuring age-appropriate content.”

 Thank you to Catechists

Thank you to all our Parish Catechists for your faithful service, week in and week out. The public school students and their families, along with you, our wonderful Catechists, make all the time and energy given to the Review worthwhile.

We acknowledge the many good things identified about SRE by the Review: how it is valued by schools, parents, students, faith groups and the broader society who acknowledge the contribution SRE makes to our society with approved curricula, trained Catechists and quality student and teacher resources and workbooks.

The CCD Parish Catechist Support teams around NSW look forward to continuing to work with the Education Minister and the Department of Education to enhance further the delivery of SRE for the sake of our children to build a just and compassionate society.

 Full text of the SRE-SEE Review 

 See here for the Department of Education release of SRE-SEE Review recommendations.